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We are Chinese students currently studying in institutions from all over the world, and our organization is officially named THE Corner 城中一角. Our original mission as an organization was to provide a channel that documents the mundane, invisible lives in the cities of China. In face of this epidemic, we decided to organize a fundraiser to connect to and support everyone impacted.




schools and students united together around the world


RMB raised/donated


hospitals got assisted


Many of us have been engaging in charity events or have been working in non-governmental organizations—both home and abroad—in the past, from which we have learned how to organize similar events, facilitate peers’ help,


We have raised over  240 thousand RMB in supporting Chinese hospitals fighting against COVID-19.



Fundraising for the Fight against

COVID-19 for hospitals in the US

As the deadly Coronavirus has spread to every corner of the globe, the number of confirmed  COVID-19 cases in the U.S. is now growing exponentially.The U.S. now faces the same heartbreaking situation as China, with doctors lacking proper protective equipment such as N95 masks, hazmat suits, and disinfectant liquids. This is a challenge for the entire human race, not any one country alone. We invite you to join us in taking on this challenge by donating in order to buy the necessary equipment for the doctors on the frontlines of this disease. 

Equipment and Donating Process

Based on our research and close communication with several doctors, we have decided to purchase Essential Safety Personal Protective Equipment Kits.  These kits include the following items:


-DuPont Tyvek 400 Coverall Suit: With Respirator Fit Elastic Hood, Elastic Cuffs, Elastic Ankles 

-Pair of Boots Coverage: DuPont Grey, made from skid resistant material 

-Respirator, 3M 9210, CDC, NIOSH N-95, Flat Fold

-ANSI Z87 + Safety Goggles: Indirect Vents, Anti-fog, Splash Resistant 

-Embossed Poly Apron: dim 28” X 46” - 2 mil with waterproof protection from neck to knees 

-Pair of Blue Nitrile Gloves

-Pair of Vinyl Gloves 

-Red Biohazard Waste Bag: dim 24” X 24” - 10 gal capacity    


We are working in close coordination with two individuals in the U.S.(Chris and ZaoZao Wang) who will deliver the kits for us to the hospitals. 


New York:

Elmhurst Hospital, Queens Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Medical Center Milstein Hospital


Boston Medical Center 

New Jersey: 

Atlantic Health Center Affiliated Hospitals  

As the situation in the U.S. evolves, we will evaluate which hospital is in most urgent need of equipment and deliver kits to them first.