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We are Chinese students currently studying in institutions from all over the world, and our organization is officially named THE Corner 城中一角. Our original mission as an organization was to provide a channel that documents the mundane, invisible lives in the cities of China. In face of this epidemic, we decided to organize a fundraiser to connect to and support everyone impacted, primarily the front-line medical practitioners in China. 


Many of us have been engaging in charity events or have been working in non-governmental organizations—both home and abroad—in the past, from which we have learned how to organize similar events, facilitate peers’ help, and empathize with those who indeed need support. For this fundraiser, we have formed seven departments as different functional groups: 

  • Core Team 

  • Dept. of Accounting (with CPA support) 

  • Dept. of Legal Advisors (with USBAR and Chinese lawyer support) 

  • Dept. of Public Relations

  • Dept. of Supplies and Communications

  • Dept. of Fundraising in U.S. Institutions 

  • Dept. of Psychological Support Platform Building & NGO Communications